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Robert O'Conor, Jr.

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Practice Areas

Litigation and trial of Plaintiff claims involving injury, death and/or economic damages in:


  • General Negligence resulting from the failure of others to exercise ordinary care
  • Professional Negligence resulting from the failure to provide the standard of care required by the medical/nursing/hospital, legal, accounting or engineering professions
  • Premises Liability caused by a defect on the property of another
  • Governmental Liability caused by the negligent acts of local, county or state employees and/or governmental units or agencies


  • Defective Products which have a defect in either marketing, manufacturing and/or design, making the product inherently dangerous


  • Hazardous Materials which result in personal and/or environmental exposure


  • FELA Cases resulting from railroad activity
  • JONES ACT claims by workers injured while at sea, including offshore drilling rigs
  • FEDERAL TORT CLAIMS ACT liability caused by the negligence of federal governmental units and their employees


  • Discrimination claims involving wrongful termination and/or denial of job advancement opportunities based on race, national origin, religion, age and/or sex
  • Wrongful Termination due to workplace injury


  • Contract claims for damages arising from a breach and/or fraud
  • Consumer claims for damages arising from misrepresentations


  • State Appeals processing through the Texas Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas
  • Federal Appeals processing through the Fifth Circuit Court and petitions to the United States Supreme Court

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